More Girls on Bikes

Let’s get More Girls on Bikes!

An awesome group of female riders, coaches, moms, and students have formed the MiSCA More Girls on Bikes committee. We’ve created a program to get more girls interested in the sport with several no boys allowed events! While we’re seeing more girls at our events, there has been declining female participation in our Varsity category. We recognize the need to provide more girls the skills to be successful in our most elite level of competition.

Please join us for any of our upcoming events and if you’re interested in hosting an event, please reach out to Jodie Giles.

2018 MiSCA Girls Events:

Our Female Leaders!

The 100% female committee is made up of members of the MiSCA Board, Student Advisory Committee, Sponsors, and Volunteers!

  • Jodie Giles, More Girls on Bikes Committee Chairperson, MiSCA Board Secretary
  • Regan Abramson, MiSCA Student Advisory Committee, Brighton HS
  • Sienna Gibson, MiSCA Student Advisory Committee, Lake Orion HS
  • Lisa Loetzner, MiSCA Board Vice President
  • Heather McNamara, MiSCA Board Member
  • Felicia Moore, D&D Bicycles
  • Sarah Vano, MCMBA Board Member
  • Melissa Werkman, MiSCA Board Member, MMBA Executive Director, IMBA Level 1 Coach